Your Mission

Write that personal mission statement, and live with such fulfilling purpose.

Believe And Speak

I encourage you today to fill your heart with the amazing promises of God and let your speaking apply them everywhere.


From our world-view to the view of our day, the place we are looking from really paints the picture of our reality.

The Basics

Whether we are talking about health, relationships or any other part of life, attention to the basics are foundational to success.

The Lens Of Faith

In contrast to a tool to help us get out of trouble, or something we pull out on occasion when we think we need it, a lens of faith gives meaning, pur...View Details


I encourage you to put the elements of your day, your life together in such a way that it supports the amazing purpose and fulfilment of God's intenti...View Details

Fuel For Life!

God designed our life to have a high grade of fuel that has high levels of faith, inspiration, hope and so many other life enhancers.


Have an attitude of receiving and enjoy the rich resources beyond yourself.

Freedom From Fear

Don't let fear paralyze you, but let the positive freedom and vision of faith pull you up to soar above the grounding effect of negative fear.


Lets access higher things like life and peace by settling our minds in the right place.

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